The 32m AMLSV™ System:


Hospital Variant

MB Series

32m Mobile Hospital Vessel, Air Transport, Ward, OR
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Medical Variant

AB Series

32m First Responder, Landing Craft, Light Vehicle RoRo
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Work Boat Variant

WB Series

32m Supply, Fuel Barge, Maintenance Support, Light Vehicle RoRo
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Transborder Specialties
In Support of Humanitarian Resilience

Rapid deployment Air Mobile Logistics Support Vessels (AMLSV) on inland and littoral waterays for areas where infrastructure is damaged or deficient.

At Transborder Specialties we are developing the tools to manage the transition from:

Limited to Accessible to Sustainable




We take our mission very seriously.

Borders often define geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states and other sub-national entities. Political borders are many times formalized along natural borders formed by rivers.

Some of the natural borders Transborder Specialties LLC. and its Partners intend to deploy healthcare vessels along:

Amazon River
Congo River & Lake Tanganyika
Kagera River & Lake Victoria
Nile River
Niger River
Irrawaddy River

AirMobile Solutions
A few of our projects under development

ATFT™ AMHV™AMMV™AMPOLVT™ picture picture picture picture

"What population can be more in distress than a population that has no access to healthcare?"

*Important Announcement

We have taken our portfolio of solutions temporarily offline. TBS is actiively pursuing a timely partnership to address immediate civilian and military needs.

This important step will improve our ability to provide long-term systems' support for the platform.

We will continue to provide specifications upon request.

Please contact us for more information.