About TBS
Its not all about design and engineering

In November of 2008, design work began on a prototype floating hospital for delivery to the Nigeria delta for use along the Niger River. Political hurdles and the absence of much needed development funds buried the project in the months leading up to the recession. Without a buyer and without seed money, design development slowed to a crawl. Undeterred, ideation on a new solution began with fervor.

With a keen understanding of the geo-political hurdles as well an acute awareness of the need for such a solution, the design team reassembled in early 2009, devising a unique critical resource delivery model. Beginning with the environmental challenges as well as climbing energy and material costs, the team developed a mission program that evolved into the formation of Transborder Specialties, LLC (TBS).

Transborder Specialties, LLC (TBS) is a specialized boat design and manufacturing company in Mesa, Arizona. Our solutions are mid-tech, reliable, serviceable, and mission specific. We design only within our competency, with rigor and professionalism. When we approach a new challenge, we surround ourselves with knowlegeable consultant engineers, technicians and master fabricators to ensure that our product meets the client's performance criteria as well as our own . All of our vessels are built to exceed U.S. and international standards.

Other specialty vehicle manufacturers rely on commercially available platforms on which to fabricate their solutions. We build our own mission-specific platforms, ensuring that our quality solutions surpass what is currently available in the marketplace, but more importantly, designed and built to ensure the success of your mission.

Who we are
We bring value innovation and expertise

TBS is a collaborative group of professionals, brought together by shared interest in unconventional approaches to conventional problems. Sometimes we develop an artful solution, sometimes we do not. After each exercise in ideation however, we are another step closer to a solution. Rigor and determination complement this ideation and a transparent design process ensures the entire project team is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Design for production
Our approach makes fabrication cheaper, assembly faster, and keeps inventories lower

Our vessels are designed for ease of fabrication and assembly. Components that are not “off the shelf”, requiring fabrication are in a form that can be sent directly to fabrication equipment. This CAD to CAM process reduces material costs and assists in managing manufacturing tolerances. By designing for manufacture using detailed virtual components and assemblies, changes can be evaluated and implemented rapidly. This improves operational reliability while lowering production costs.

Our mission
Transborder Specialties LLC

To increase the mobility, range and duration of all humanitarian missions on or near water.

In support of humanitarian resilience.

Latest updates
Live from our workshop

AMLSV system enters Design Development stage
The AMLSV is a strategic, stand-alone, mobile supply delivery vehicle. It has been designed and engineered for flexibility, reliability and rapid deployment, solely for humanitarian intervention support.

AMLSV Platform expands
The AMLSV platform now has seven mission-specific variants to supply/support: POL, Hospital, Medical

We work well with others


Jon Matalucci
Managing Director and designer of the AMLSV system. "I may not know, but I can find someone who does"


Tracy Garner
Systems Engineer, production manager, tooling and certification specialist. "Yes, it is in fact a little like rocket science."


Karen Shakman
Healthcare Architect